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    Laws - View Law: SMOKING

    Smoking and Possessing Tobacco Products 

    Any person who knowingly sells or gives tobacco products to minors is guilty of a petty offense.  Any minor who has tobacco in his or her possession is guilty of an incorrigible act.  (ARS 13-3622). 

    Tobacco products are defined as cigars, cigarettes, or cigarette papers, and smoking or chewing tobacco. (ARS 13-3622) So if you are under the age of 18 you should not have any of these items. If you do, you are guilty of an incorrigible act.

    In addition to this, smoking tobacco in locations such as elevators, busses, libraries, museums, and health care institutions is considered a public nuisance and dangerous to public health.  An adult guilty of such acts would be charged with a petty offense, while a minor would be charged with a delinquent act.  (ARS 36-601.01). 

    What about at school?

    Using or possessing tobacco products on school grounds (buildings, parking lots, fields, and vehicles) or at off campus school sponsored events is a petty offense for adults and a delinquent act for minors.  (ARS 36-798.03).  The law does not apply to adults using tobacco products as a part of a tobacco prevention or cessation program.  (ARS 36-798.03).

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    On 02/17/09
    zainab from AZ said:
    you say if we have any posession of tobacco and your a minor we are guilty of a petty crime but wat if our parents supports it and buys it for us???
    On 12/08/08
    Aaron from AZ said:
    Okay, I have been smoking for a couple years now. And it seems to me the main reason peopl start is because it's "cool". By smoking underage people are rebelling which appeals to alot of todays youth. Make it legal. You will see a noticable decline in youth smokers as you have just succeeded in taking away the "rebel" factor. It's not cool anymore.
    On 12/07/08
    Kitche from MI said:
    OK, marijuana and tobacco products, when used in the proper contexts where no potential for harm can be caused is the best way. Second hand smoke over exorbitantly large periods of time has the potential to cause cancer ie: being in a room 4x4 and being bombarded by the second hand smoke carcinogens. So your all too blinded by propaganda to realize that there is truth in both sides of the arguement and that the devil is always in the details.
    On 10/06/08
    elana from TX said:
    ok i know im young but iv been through alot and most kid these days have.and i prmise you that it helps releave stress.
    On 09/01/08
    Alex from PA said:
    "not harming anyone else?" What about 2nd hand smoke? Who is going to pay your astronomical medical bills as you slowly die of lung cancer 50 years from now? Society should not have to pay for stupidity. Tobacco should be illegal, as it is a KNOWN health hazard; problem is, smokers are an easy mark for a government that is voraciously and unceasingly in pursuit of minority groups (smokers) from whom they can extract the maximum amount of taxes- tobacco is one of the most highly taxed substances in the US. And tobacco addicts can't fight it, because they do something no sane person would do.
    1 thru 5 of 53 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5  ...   

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