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    Laws - View Law: SMOKING

    Smoking and Possessing Tobacco Products 

    Any person who knowingly sells or gives tobacco products to minors is guilty of a petty offense.  Any minor who has tobacco in his or her possession is guilty of an incorrigible act.  (ARS 13-3622). 

    Tobacco products are defined as cigars, cigarettes, or cigarette papers, and smoking or chewing tobacco. (ARS 13-3622) So if you are under the age of 18 you should not have any of these items. If you do, you are guilty of an incorrigible act.

    In addition to this, smoking tobacco in locations such as elevators, busses, libraries, museums, and health care institutions is considered a public nuisance and dangerous to public health.  An adult guilty of such acts would be charged with a petty offense, while a minor would be charged with a delinquent act.  (ARS 36-601.01). 

    What about at school?

    Using or possessing tobacco products on school grounds (buildings, parking lots, fields, and vehicles) or at off campus school sponsored events is a petty offense for adults and a delinquent act for minors.  (ARS 36-798.03).  The law does not apply to adults using tobacco products as a part of a tobacco prevention or cessation program.  (ARS 36-798.03).

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    On 05/19/06
    Jessye from AZ said:
    If kids want to ruin their health then let them. Most teens are going to do it anyway...I had a cigarette in my ear and talked to a cop the other day for something else and he didn't say anything-I know he saw it. Schools on the other hand are messed up about it. Even if you are 18 they still bust you and even thought I am 16 I was outside the PUBLIC libray and because I dont go to that school anymore the school kicked me off campus and out of the libray. That is wrong...I think the legal amoking age should be changed to 16.
    On 02/27/06
    robert from AZ said:
    if you wanna smoke then u should be able to smoke were going to do it anyway...if these kids want cancer let them i mean it could be alot worse they couuld be taking cocaine or acid !
    On 02/22/06
    Jessie from KY said:
    Im a junior in high school, and i smoke in school. But my friends and i think that they should put a smoking are for students, so the halls and bathrooms dont smell like smoke, plus it would help the students who hate the smell of smoke.
    On 11/06/05
    matthew from AL said:
    I heard that u can smoke if you have parants consent. I was wondering if this is true or not. it says that its not but many of my friends say you can if your parents let you.
    On 08/11/05
    Carolyn from TX said:
    I'm still unclear as to how the schools (schools like mine, doing random drug testing) are able to punish 18 year old students for testing positive for nicoteen...They haven't started testing yet so I haven't seen examples at my school yet, I just want to know what the loophole is. You have to sign the form allowing the test to get a parking permit...so I guess the only thing that lets them do that is that contract. Is that it, though?
    21 thru 25 of 53 comments     1   2   3   4  [ 5 ] ...   

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