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    Laws - View Law: SMOKING

    Smoking and Possessing Tobacco Products 

    Any person who knowingly sells or gives tobacco products to minors is guilty of a petty offense.  Any minor who has tobacco in his or her possession is guilty of an incorrigible act.  (ARS 13-3622). 

    Tobacco products are defined as cigars, cigarettes, or cigarette papers, and smoking or chewing tobacco. (ARS 13-3622) So if you are under the age of 18 you should not have any of these items. If you do, you are guilty of an incorrigible act.

    In addition to this, smoking tobacco in locations such as elevators, busses, libraries, museums, and health care institutions is considered a public nuisance and dangerous to public health.  An adult guilty of such acts would be charged with a petty offense, while a minor would be charged with a delinquent act.  (ARS 36-601.01). 

    What about at school?

    Using or possessing tobacco products on school grounds (buildings, parking lots, fields, and vehicles) or at off campus school sponsored events is a petty offense for adults and a delinquent act for minors.  (ARS 36-798.03).  The law does not apply to adults using tobacco products as a part of a tobacco prevention or cessation program.  (ARS 36-798.03).

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    On 08/19/08
    Chris from AL said:
    I think this law is so stupid. First of all i think smoking should be legal at 15 with parent permission. I mean were not harming anyone but ourselves so it should be legal. Second of all the Cops have better stuff to worry about instead of some kid smoking. I could keep going on but i wont.
    On 07/15/08
    mike from AZ said:
    I was caught with a pack fo cigarettes, the cops were totoal jerks and were being totally unreasonable, i have 10 hours of community service and a class, this was the stupidest thing i ever heard of, haha if they think the diversion program is gonna work there darn wrong im just encouraged to smoke more, cigarettes should be legal at 13 but weed and alcohol should be left illegla and available at only 21 years of age, this was idiotic and retarded this law is completely crap!
    On 07/11/08
    Stevie from AZ said:
    i have been smoking for 10yrs now. for those of you who don't smoke, DON'T START for me its more than a habit, it's an addiction. On my 6th b-day is when i first picked up a cigarette. my 8yr old brother had been smoking for a few months, that morning before school he lite one up and told me to take a hit. i put it up to my mouth and instead of sucking i blew bc thats how i thought it was done. he taught me how to inhale it. at 12 i came out to my mom and told her. ever since i tell her everything. if you think about smoking talk to your parents they can help weather you believe it or not.thnx
    On 06/17/08
    Chris from AZ said:
    Also, if your wondering if you can smoke or drink with your parents permission, you still can't. If you get your parents to sign something saying they allow you to smoke underage, a cop will bust you for underage possession of tobacco and bust your parents for contributing to the deliquency of a minor. Your parents may allow you to do it, but it's still illegal.
    On 06/17/08
    Chris from AZ said:
    for those wondering if you can legally smoke cigarettes under the age of 18, the answer is no. when your having a cigarette, it is in your possession, it is illegal to possess tobacco under the age of 18. If your under the age of 18, you can not buy, possess, or use tobacco products, But that doesn't stop most kids.
    6 thru 10 of 53 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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