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Question: If I got busted with weed what the worse that could happen?


If you are prosecuted in juvenile court, you can be placed on probation or sent to the Department of Juvenile Corrections up to your 18th birthday, and your driver's license would be suspended until your 18th birthday. It can leave a felony on your record, which may affect your later ability to get scholarships, federal benefits like welfare or public housing assistance, or jobs requiring security clearance. The military also has strict rules about accepting candidates with drug histories. You may be unable to enlist unless the branch you select thinks enough time has passed that you are no longer high risk to abuse substances again.

If you are prosecuted as an adult, the court must place you on probation and require that you attend substance abuse counseling. It can leave you with a felony record, which has many of the same consequences as those listed above. If you reject probation, you can be required to serve time.

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On 06/20/06
josh from TX said:
i got popped, for a minor possession charge, im just wondering, if theres a possibility getting my probation and all the transfered to my home in georgia, i cant afford texas anymore and i just want to know lol, if hters a possibility, the county drug court gave me a first offenders program, lol... if they only knew but any how they are telling me its only offered here in texas cant get it transfered, but that program expunges my record, but i cant afford to live here and take the 9 month program, has anyone had similar issues same state? i just wanna know if ican go back home:(
On 06/13/06
joe from MS said:
Many of the people on these comments are horribly ill-informed about many things. Marijuana, along with many other substances in which are illegal, have no real reason to be illegal. At the least though, because of the widespread use of the substance, they should down it to the same type of thing as alcohol. Driving under the influence of ANYTHING isn't a good idea and should be regulated. It should be legal to posses and use in one's home and other places, as well as sold legally by the government.
On 06/06/06
keith from NJ said:
i remember of doing weed but now i know it was stupid thing for me doing it and now look at me i have changed my life so much since i quit
On 05/29/06
dossent matter from Othr said:
dude its just weed ..it hasent killed ne one , with all the other problems are world is faceing we dont need our cops bullyin some people who want to escape for a bit , there people being mudared but thede rather arrest a teen for possetion thats stupid . just legalize it and free up space in prison for people who actually do pose a threat to our comunitys .
On 05/17/06
snake from NY said:
I am currently doing a project for school on the legalization of marijuana and i believe that it has many good uses both medicinal and industrial. we need to use marijuana to our advantage and stop filling our jails with innocent citizens who would rather smoke pot than drink alcohol.The american people need to stand up for their constitutional rights and legalize IT
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