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Question: If I got busted with weed what the worse that could happen?


If you are prosecuted in juvenile court, you can be placed on probation or sent to the Department of Juvenile Corrections up to your 18th birthday, and your driver's license would be suspended until your 18th birthday. It can leave a felony on your record, which may affect your later ability to get scholarships, federal benefits like welfare or public housing assistance, or jobs requiring security clearance. The military also has strict rules about accepting candidates with drug histories. You may be unable to enlist unless the branch you select thinks enough time has passed that you are no longer high risk to abuse substances again.

If you are prosecuted as an adult, the court must place you on probation and require that you attend substance abuse counseling. It can leave you with a felony record, which has many of the same consequences as those listed above. If you reject probation, you can be required to serve time.

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On 05/08/06
Bobby from AR said:
You guys saved my life! I used to think it was ok to smoke but then I read the comments on this site. Now I realize that smoking is the worst possible thing ever. I started smoking when I turned 9 and it was the biggest mistake of my life! Now I do community service instead and it is the most fulfilling thing ever!
On 05/08/06
G from NY said:
Guys, I think we all know the truth here. Marijuana is not safe. I have never tried it but I know everything there is to know about its effects and whatnot. Those brochures and speakers MUST be right because they say so. I just wish we could all just realize how bad weed is for you. It ios unsafe and makes you hungry! Let's increase the criminality of marijuana!! Let's make it a capital offense!!
On 04/19/06
ian from CT said:
by the way, if legalized the gov't can tax it just buy selling it in stores
On 04/15/06
cali from CA said:
i got arrested for possession in 2002 and i just want to let y'all lil youngsterz out there know that it messed me up!....yeah weed is fun but only for a lil bit then its bad!....just dont do it!!
On 04/11/06
katelin from FL said:
I think weed should be legal cuz if you do it is your problem!
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