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Question: If I got busted with weed what the worse that could happen?


If you are prosecuted in juvenile court, you can be placed on probation or sent to the Department of Juvenile Corrections up to your 18th birthday, and your driver's license would be suspended until your 18th birthday. It can leave a felony on your record, which may affect your later ability to get scholarships, federal benefits like welfare or public housing assistance, or jobs requiring security clearance. The military also has strict rules about accepting candidates with drug histories. You may be unable to enlist unless the branch you select thinks enough time has passed that you are no longer high risk to abuse substances again.

If you are prosecuted as an adult, the court must place you on probation and require that you attend substance abuse counseling. It can leave you with a felony record, which has many of the same consequences as those listed above. If you reject probation, you can be required to serve time.

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On 02/27/06
diana from IL said:
i think its bad to do crack and other drugs
On 02/27/06
???????? from KY said:
I'm not going to tell you to stay away from marijuana because I do it too, But there is no reason to do it, because sure it makes you feel good but only for a little bit til your buz wares off. It's messed up my life. I've been arrested twice in the past 6 months for marijuana, and it isn't fun. For anybody who says it isn't addicting think again because if you smoke a blunt you're gonna want to smoke one right after another, and if you say people don't die from being UTI, your wrong too. My boyfriend died in August from driving UTI and a month later my best friend died the same way.
On 01/19/06
Tony from FL said:
Are some of you guys seriously smoking crack? do some reseach on google and you will easily find that weed does not kill you. Its not addictive and the only con of it is the smoke damage to your respitory system. You know how many people have died in car wrecks over the past 5 years from being high? 1, and that was in canada. How many drunk wrecks have we had in the past 5 years? I dont even want to know. How many people does cigs kill a day? Government keeps weed illegal because they can't tax it. Amsterdam has almost no laws and has the lowest crime rate. America is losing.
On 11/21/05
arizona from AZ said:
i think that weed sould be legalized......after all it makes you feel soooooooooo good
On 11/21/05
noel from AS said:
drugs is really bad for people its mess up people life and alcohol is bad for the people under 18
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