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Question: To become a lawyer you need a bachelor's degree from a university in what?


There are usually not requirements for specific study areas for a bachelor's degree for admittance into law school.  However, this is specific to the particular law school to which you apply -- so check their specific criteria for more information.

Popular areas of study for a bachelor's degree in preparation for law school include English, Political Science and Business.  However, some attorneys who work with technical fields, like patents, have technical or engineering degrees. 

The important part about selecting an area of study for a bachelor's degree is to make sure that you enjoy the subject area and will be interested enough in it to get good grades and graduate.

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On 04/29/09
harry from CA said:
it helps me a little
On 05/01/08
dro from CA said:
I want to become a good lawyer and help out people with their problems.Also i want to make good money so i can support my family in what is needed.
On 11/15/07
shivon from Othr said:
i want to become a lawyer when i grow up, but i just want to know what subject you have to take to become a degree lawyer.
On 10/08/07
from AL said:
i wanna becum a lawyer.. ayeshaaaaaa
On 09/25/07
dfasfd from AL said:
what college do we have to attend to become a lawyer
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