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    Stories - View Story: Joe's story

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    Hi my name's Joe. I'm 15 and just got suspended from school for 5 days for taking in water bombs. I never used them, but after a small water fight there was a real fight and someone got battered. Apparently the cause of the fight was the water bombs. I never got a chance to defend myself in front of any teachers during an interview unlike other students, instead i waited 2 hours doing nothing and was told that there will be a formal suspension for me and some other students who were involved in the fight (which is much worse than what i did)

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    On 04/08/09
    jess from AZ said:
    wow i would be mad!! but it was smart for you to not complain
    On 12/08/08
    jordan from SC said:
    thats dum because i got in a fight and never hit them back and still got suspended
    On 06/02/08
    from AL said:
    I think the fact that you got told off without getting to explain yourself was wrong of the teachers, but you shouldnt have bought water boms to school
    On 05/20/08
    money from AL said:
    i think you did the right thing
    On 04/23/08
    sherry from FL said:

    That is so dumb cuz if they got to defend themselves you should have been able to do that. i got suspended for a week for fighting and they didn't let me denfend my self at all.

    1 thru 5 of 11 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3    

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