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    Stories - View Story: marina's story

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    well me and a friend got cought ditching school once and we got to do community services.the next day i got cought again and had three days in ISS. a couble of weeks pasted and i got cought buring stuff and i was so scared that i wasnyt going to grauduate with my class. i got five days OSS and know i am scared to ditch or do anything bad again. at home my parents werent happy with me and im ground till the end of the school year.

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    On 12/15/08
    Omar from AZ said:
    Ditching is bad because you can miss things at school and then its hard to catch up. You should always think then act. Ditching is for stupid people who think they are cool but they are not.Actually you can get arrested for ditching.So DONT DITCH AGAIN and be good at school.
    On 11/17/08
    devin from TX said:
    dont ditch ull get in big time tourble with the popo
    On 12/13/07
    karina from AZ said:
    ditchin is bad...but i ditch before and i never got caught..datz good..well next time think about ditching before you do it because the consequences can be worse
    On 10/29/07
    Fatih from AZ said:
    I geuss ditching school wasn't the best thing to do.If you were so scared why did you do it again? Was it a dare? If so you can chikened out if its serious or you don't want to.School is a manditory thing.By the way it's grounded not ground, sorry, habbit,honors.Well maby you'll think about this next time.See yah. Faith
    On 09/03/07
    noel from AL said:
    good you should be grounded. if your so scared as you say you were then you would have kept doing it over. you knew what the concequences would be yet you did it a second time. besides what do you thin you get from ditching school.. nothing just being in trouble. use your head
    1 thru 5 of 19 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4    

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