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Question: What is the penalty for growing marijuana in arizona? I am growing two small plants without the intent to sell?

Answer: Growing marijuana is a crime because the United States and Arizona both prohibit (do not allow) marijuana to be possessed, except in very rare cases where marijuana is prescribed by a doctor for a very limited medicinal purpose when someone is very ill.
The penalty for possession depends upon a number of factors which can be found in A.R.S. § 13-3405.

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On 04/06/09
truth from AL said:
To the person who says that marijuana is six times stronger... it's like alcohol... you can drink three beers which are about 6% alcohol but you wouldn't drink the same amount of liquid if it were tequila which is about 45% alcohol, the difference is that if you smoke a lot of marijuana you'll just fall asleep. By the way, it would be more expensive to "lace" marijuana with another drug so there wouldn't be a reason for the dealer to do that, maybe you should be the one checking your facts.
On 03/16/09
Zac from MS said:
Don't blow items out of proportion. The topic is on marijuana not on Jews, Nazi's, and Hitler Youth. These are two uncomparable items that should never have been brought up.
On 03/02/09
Pete from AZ said:
Someone said that Marijuana is 6x as addictive as it was in the '60's. This is absolutely not true. Some Marijuana through selective breeding has 6x more THC potentcy but this simply means people smoke less of it to get high. Marinol, the governments synthetic THC pill is 100% potent! This doesn't make it more addictive. If you smoked a huge bag full of potent marijuana it's just a waste -- you will hit a tolerance and not get any higher after a few smokes. It's impossible to overdose. It's also not true that most marijuana is mixed with other drugs!
On 02/14/09
Again from NY said:
Lacey from arizona on p.3 said that marijuana should be legalized because "Everyone's doing it now". I just want anyone to think about this that agrees w/her. Didn't the Hitler Youth say "It's alright to put Jews in concentration camps because everyone's doing it."
On 02/14/09
Me from ID said:
Hey Matt, well you were saying that marijuana isn't that addictive and that alcohol and cigarettes were worse. Well, I guess that you're thinking in the 1960's. Marijuana is 6x as addictive as it was in the '60's. So if this was 40 years ago, you would be right. Now it's laced with so many other things that it really is addictive. My dad was a cop in New York City and he saw SO many people that had destroyed their entire lives by doing marijuana and nothing else, so before you start to "stand up" and say we should legalize marijuana, look at all the facts.
1 thru 5 of 21 comments

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