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Question: Is it illegal for a minor to be smoking legal substances like blue lotus or Egyptian blue lilly?

Answer: It depends. It is not illegal for a minor to smoke a substance if the substance is not regulated by law for minors, or if it would not be considered a “dangerous drug”.

Substances such as Nymphaea Caerulea (sometimes called Blue Lotus, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Blue Water Lily and Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile) are not specifically regulated under Arizona law and they are not classified as either a dangerous drug or a narcotic at this time. There may be harmful effects with the use of this substance that are not known, and certainly this fact would seem to be warning enough to steer clear regardless of the substance's legal status.

There are some sellers of the plant and/or flowers who clearly state that the sale is specifically for scientific use and not human consumption, or for “no intention or purpose”. Most sellers also require that buyers be over the age of 18.

For more information about illegal substances and penalties, see the answers to Speak Up! question #528 and #546.

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On 08/05/08
Robe from TX said:
when a person comes up to u and asked for a cig if you are not sure ask for id if they dont have on then they are sol and not you I live in a apartment complex and when you have a cig at the pool that is when they ask you. First I didnt think nothin of it then I thought about it and what if that person was working for the police if you give the minor a cig u will be sorry so ask for id if they dont have one then sucks for them not you
On 05/07/08
Britt from PA said:
If you want to smoke go ahead. You prolly no what it does to you. I think you should wait till your bout 14,15 or 16. Once you start its not easy to stop.
On 12/10/07
unknow from AZ said:
kids should be aloud smoke cigs by the age of 15 16 u know what ur doing to urself and life short
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