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how do we convince someone to stop using drugs?


Having a friend or loved one who uses drugs is tough... trying to figure out how to talk to them about their problem can be even tougher.  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to convince someone to stop using drugs it just doesn't work.  Ultimately, it's up to that person to decide to make a change.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources and information on the web that can help you figure out how to best help your friend.

One great site is www.abovetheinfluence.com.  Under the "Help a Friend" section are resources on how to recognize a problem and tips for how to have a conversation with your friend.  Another great site is www.freevibe.com that has more great resources and stories from teens who may have experienced something like what you're going through. 

Trying to help someone else with a problem can be really tough on you, so don't forget to take care of yourself and seek help and advice if you need it.  In Arizona, you can call Teen Lifeline at (800) 248-TEEN (8336) or (602) 248-TEEN (8336).


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On 03/17/08
Hannah from AZ said:
Oh. It must be hard having a friend who does drugs. They must have offered you some drugs at some point too. It must have been hard trying to explain why you wouldn't and why your friend should stop. I truly am sorry.
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