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what is the best college to go to to major in law


Congratulations on your decision to continue with your education!

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking into colleges. In addition to the "best" program, many students consider the location of the university, the cost of the university, possible scholarship opportunities and overall feeling towards a school when they make their decision regarding where to apply. What may be considered by some to be the "best" program, may not be what you will consider the "best". When considering a school, you might want to think about the types of environments that help you learn (ex: small class size vs. large class size).

The American Bar Association is the organization that decides whether law schools become accredited. While they do not suggest one undergraduate program over another for prelaw, they do have some frequently asked questions about prelaw programs that you may find helpful. Go to the ABA website to see these questions and answers.

There are some magazines and books that you may be able to find at your local bookstore or library that can help you with your decision. Ask a local librarian, as they will likely know the best publication for you to look through. Also, you may want to speak with a guidance counselor at your school to find out what universities are right for your needs.

College can be a wonderful experience. It is smart for you to start considering which universities will fit your needs. Good Luck!

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On 01/09/09
shawna from CA said:
i like this site although i need better anwsers to my questions more speiffic i
On 10/09/08
Theres from CA said:
Thank u for the questions, and thank u for the answer the aba info. has been very helpful. found u web page browsing ask.com.
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