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IF your parent is doing drugs such as cocain and crack and snorting pills like adderal. Can you be taken out of the home? and if cps has been notified and school counselors why isn't anyone doing anything?


There is a process for investigating neglect or abuse of a child, and for removing a child from an unfit home if the situation has grown serious enough.  And certainly a parent who exposes his/her child to constant drug use has endangered that child.  Unfortunately, it sounds like you have already consulted with CPS and a guidance counselor at your school.  Normally, an agency like CPS (or the local police) will investigate a situation like this, and if enough evidence exists, take formal action.  Here is the number for Child Protective Services 888-SOS-CHILD or 888-767-2445.

Here are some additional phone numbers that may be of help to you.

Child Help USA Hotline

Children's Law Center (Arizona) - Volunteer lawyers are available to help kids with their legal issues. 602-258-3434 ext. 266.

National Crisis/Suicide Hotline - 800-999-9999

National Substance Abuse Hotline - 800-378-4435 or 800-435-7111

Parents Anonymous of Arizona 24-Hour Family Lifeline - 800-352-0528

Teen Link (Various Topics) - 800-235-9678

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) - 800-816-0491 or 800-865-4314

Youth Crisis Hotline - 800-448-4663

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On 05/07/08
JT from TN said:
If your parents are doing drugs then you need to get out. And if you school isn't listening to you then you need to keep telling them and then they will believe you sooner or later and then they will do something so i hope that you get out of there and get into a safe place...
On 05/07/08
JT from TN said:

Hey well if they're doing drugs you need to get out of that house as soon as you can. You need to keep trying to talk to the people at your school and keep telling them that they need to get you out of that house cause i went through that same thing and i finally got out of it but you have to keep telling them and it takes a little bit of time but they will get you out of that house.I hope that helped you GOOD LUCK and i hope that you get out safe.

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