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how could you get ride of a schools dress codes


A school's dress code for students is usually adopted by the governing board of the school district that operates the school.  Often the principal and a representative group of teachers and parents participate in the decision about what is and is not appropriate dress and grooming for students.  If you feel that your school's dress code is not needed or unfair, you should start by talking to the  principal about it.  Try to find out when it was adopted, who adopted it, and why it was adopted.  Be prepared to explain why you feel that it is unfair or not needed.  One student's objection to a dress code will probably not be sufficient to change a school's dress code, so you  should anticipate that you will need to convince a lot of students to join your cause to be successful.

From time to time dress codes adopted by public schools are the subject of legal challenges.  Courts have consistently upheld dress codes that impose reasonable restrictions on clothing styles.  Students often wear t-shirts that have messages on them.  Dress codes can prohibit t-shirts that communicate obscenities or that make references to sex, alcohol or drugs.  A school, however, cannot prohibit t-shirts that display political or religious messages unless the message would cause substantial disruption of the school's operations.

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On 10/10/08
Kathia from AZ said:
I hate dress codes at schoolm, I hate the people who put that law that is just totally unfer!!!!
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