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Question: How can we prevent kids from causing so much trouble such as the bombings at the schools?

Answer: All of the experts agree that there are no easy answers to this question. Research shows that many kids have things happen to them that are not good (problems at home; friends that are a bad influence; problems with school work; being made fun of; etc). Most kids overcome these problems. Caring adults and friends, chances to be involved, and positive expectations help kids to feel good about themselves and others. It also helps to know how to manage anger and resolve conflicts peaceably. Here are a few suggestions: Talk to the adults in your life - get to know them and have them get to know you; form friendships with people that encourage you to make good choices; use your talents to make your school, community, home, etc. a better place. Ask your school to consider holding classes that teach respect for diversity, conflict resolution, peer mediation, etc. If you do see or hear about rule violations or potential problems, be willing to share that information with the appropriate authorities. Realize that each person can make a difference.

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On 02/02/04
Will from IL said:
I think that it's true that there are far too many disruptions in schools; most arise from peer pressure and hatred. Ever heard of 'school shootings'? I myself am teased very often at my school, and cave under peer pressure.
On 12/22/02
Melissa from WA said:
Anyone heard of the Safe Schools Initiative? Hello!! It studies the reasons for "big disruptions" like bombings, and most of the students do those kinds of things because they have been treated unfairly by someone in the district or have not had their grievances heard. (For instance, someone was bullying them and no one at the school tried to seek a solution.)
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