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Question: Can I get in trouble for writing/drawing with chalk on school walls without permission?

Answer: The first question in regard to deciding if you will get in trouble for anything is how would you like it if someone did whatever you did, if it was your home or property that it was done to. Would you like it if someone wrote in chalk on your bedroom wall? Most people wouldn't, because they would have to go to the trouble to clean it up, it might not come off, etc. Look at the question concerning toilet papering someone's home (#38 in Other). If you mark up someone else's property, you could certainly 'get in trouble' because the person who owns the property won't like it, but you could also be charged with criminal damage and be subject to fines and jail time.

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On 08/14/06
Alex from AZ said:
What about writing on the chalkboard? You don't see any of the teachers getting arrested for writing on 'school property' now do ya?
On 03/06/06
Marty from CO said:
My school thinks they can butcher my freedom of speech rights and think that when I say "eliminate" they think I mean killing something...
On 05/15/03
kjasjjk from CA said:
it's called vandalism, ever heard of it? You have the right to express your thoughts as long as its not on someone elses property. And did you know that toilet papering someones property isnt considered vadalism, but egging is. toilet papering is fun and it's not illegal.
On 01/09/03
Nathan from CA said:
Writing on walls is fun i do it all the time and if you run fast enough you cannot get caught.
On 10/24/02
chic 89 from TX said:
hey im from h-townz and down here you dont get in that much trouble for somethang as simple as that. you probably get like sac for a week or something, but not suspended. well anyhowz, i think that if you were not insulting anyone with what you wrote, than you shouldnt get in so much trouble. alrightz well bye.
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