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Question: If a teacher isn't in the classroom fifteen minutes after the bell, may students leave?

Answer: The law does not address this specific situation. In this instance, the school district would have jurisdiction over the decision of what to do with a class with an absent teacher.

You should ask your school's principal or Superintendent of your district if there are any district or school rules for students with teachers absent from class.

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On 11/05/05
Jason from AL said:
I'm gonna give you guys a now on this one. There is a certain responsibility that falls on the students and if I teacher doesn't show up on time...a student should go to the office and let them know. There could be a very valid reason why a teacher isn't there right away, or it could simply be an emergency. So the bottom line is that a student should report the absent teacher to the office and then things can be takin care of from there.
On 03/27/05
Leonardo from NM said:
I think it is right to leave from the school premises ,if a teach doesn't show up in about 15,20 minutes so we have to the right to leave
On 02/26/05
Adrianne from CO said:
I STRONGLY believe that after 10 minutes, if neither the teacher NOR a school official is with the class, CLASS IS DISMISSED! At my old school, we waited for 15 or 20 minutes in a class room, and no one came, or noticed us, so we left. When they tried to mark us absent, AND give us all detention for it, the entire class protested the officials. We were upright, and in-your-face about it. None of us was ready to take the fall for the school's irresponsibility, so none of us did. In the end, the students won. I'm homeschooling now, and will do both that and public when I move to Arizona.
On 02/25/03
Josh from AZ said:
I thind we should be able to leave because there are certein laws for kids if they are late we are marked absent so y cant we leave if the teacher isnt there
On 01/08/02
scot noggle from CA said:
i belive that if a student shows the responsability to be at a class in time ant the teacher lacks the responsability to show up or have a official there to at least let the class in, then we should be able to leave not at our expence but at the teachers because it is he teachers fault. in school fifteen minuts really is a long time and a lot can be done in that time so we should be able to go and do something else that is important to us.
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