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Question: Are there rules or laws concerning grade retention for students who cannot read at a certain reading level?

Answer: Even though essential skills testing is done at different grade levels, the test results are not used to determine if a student should be retained or promoted. In elementary school, the teacher makes the determination for retention or promotion. In high school, the teacher determines if a student should pass or fail a specific class. We contacted the Arizona Department of Education for these answers.

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On 06/29/07
Billie from MS said:
my son was retained to the 1st grade because his math score was a 63 but he had advanced reading and writing, I am trying to fight this, shouldn't it be the parents final say to let our child have the right to try the next grade. He doesn't need to repeat the grade and not excell next year, he will loose the skills he has already mastered because he will be bored
On 07/25/06
RoseAnn from AZ said:
I am a mother of a seven year old boy who is being retained in 1st grade. The school indicates it will be less traumatizing at this age. I disagree my child is already experiencing some emotions sadness and anxiety . He rather start a new school in 1st grade then have to attend the same school with his preschool frieds he has been with since the age of 4. All kids learn at a different speed but reading is one of the hardest subjects to learn and in time all students will catch up. Please help me and let me know if I have the right as his mother to make the final decistion on his retention
On 06/26/06
JESSICA from FL said:
I need help... my son failed the reading part of the fcat. He was a honor roll student all year, with A's in all subjects except a B in reading, now in summer school the teachers think he did not pass the STAT test. In need direction…. they say he is mandatory retained in third grade. Is this possible a child who scores above average on FCAT math, and is a honor roll student can be retained due to reading problems on the FCAT?
On 10/06/05
lequilla from GA said:
I have a 6 year old son that was retained in the kindergaten last year simply because he was not mature enough to do and learn on a level that the old kids was on he took the kindergarten gap test and passed scorced high and they still retained him need help please tell me what I can do about this.
On 06/10/05
shirley adams from FL said:
If a child is a honor roll student for the entire school term and failed the fcat is their any help for this child to past to the next grade.
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