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Question: Are there rules or laws concerning grade retention for students who cannot read at a certain reading level?

Answer: Even though essential skills testing is done at different grade levels, the test results are not used to determine if a student should be retained or promoted. In elementary school, the teacher makes the determination for retention or promotion. In high school, the teacher determines if a student should pass or fail a specific class. We contacted the Arizona Department of Education for these answers.

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On 02/09/05
VICKI from NJ said:
Tracey from NJ...... My daughter is in 1st grade and in jeopardy of being retained... I have looked into this and found that it will do more harm than good in the long run.....It causes anxiety, sadness, child not feeling good about themselves, and possible dropping out of high school later in school.... I WILL NOT ALLOW MY DAUGHTER TO STAY BACK... I have made appointments with the school and wrote letters to Superintendent. Pricipal, Head of Child Study Team for the county....Do what ever you have too to keep your child on track with the other classmates....GOOD LUCK Vicki
On 06/06/04
Tracy from NJ said:
i am having the same problem. my daughter got a teacher this yr that my son had 4 yrs ago..i had problems with this teacher and we had "words" so when i found out my daughter had her i wasnt pleased. all od a sudden in march she decided to tell me that my daughter wasnt reading to potential and she is being retained. so i am in the fight of my life witht he school. they want my daughter tutored 60 hrs over the summer then take a test at the end of august. if she doesnt pass she will be retained in the 1st gr. tomorrow i will make an appt for a board member. any advice where to next?
On 05/19/04
Allison from CT said:
You cannot be tested for ADD or ADHD in specific subjects. There is no such test. In my state, it's illegal for a teacher to even mention ADD or ADHD precisely because they are both a medical diagnosis. However, a sa teacher, I'd have concerns about your daughter's reading level. What remediation has the school offered?
On 04/26/04
ROSIE from FL said:
My dauther was retained last year in 3rd grade. After passing the Reading section of the FCAT. The school said she was not reading to be promoted to 4th grade. Now this year she had to retake the FCAT and did not pass. Now the school is saying that she will most likely have to be retained "again". 3 years in the third grade. Does this make any sense to anyone?
On 04/16/04
Cynthia from AZ said:
My Daughter is in 5th grade. Her HM Rm. teacher made the comment that my daughter may have ADD or ADHD. She claims my daughter scores are way below grade and is testeing at the 2nd gr. I thought Teachers had a teaching Lic. I didn't know they are able to diagnose there students. She is saying my daughter could be held back. I was told to have my daughter privatley assessed. Our Psycologist tested her for ADD & ADHD in Math,Rding.& Spelling She scored 8.7 gr in Math, 6.7 gr in Reading & spelling was at gr lvl. In my nxt meeting I will be taking these test results. No! they will not retain her.
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