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Question: What's the maximum size of a knife that you can carry to school?

Answer: All public schools have rules that prohibit students from possessing weapons at school. A knife is considered to be a weapon, but some schools have created an exception for a folding knife with a blade length of two and one-half inches or less. Other schools prohibit knives of any length.

The disciplinary consequences of violating a school's weapon policy can be very severe, including mandatory expulsion from school. Therefore, a student who routinely carries a pocket knife should check the student handbook or the district policy on weapons before bringing a knife to school.

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On 10/19/07
Velma from WA said:
My son has just been set to jail for being in his ex-girl friends who had a shutgun for protection - which my son didn't know about. But after being released from the hospital went to see his baby - police arrested him and now charging him with possession of "her" weapson. Is this at all correct?
On 10/17/07
Advlam from AL said:
Knives at school. This can be both a good and bad thing. If you bring a knife to school it'd be great protection against gangsters or others. But not everyone uses it for the same reason. Some may use it to threaten others. Hurt others. Or even Kill. It's a subject that may need fine tuning.
On 09/03/07
chris from AZ said:
why do u need to carry a knife at school. There is nothing u need to do at school that you need a knife and if u some how did need one people working there will have one its stupid to be walking around with a knife at school
On 08/26/07
Tim from OH said:
i personally believe that people should be allwoed to carry what they want where they want, but more specifically i think that a pocket knife shouldn't be such a big deal as long as the blade is under 3" its a pain to use effectivly as a weapon anyway.
On 07/06/07
CASEY from CA said:
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