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Question: What are the laws about smuggling Painkillers and Steroids into US from Mexico?

Answer: The basic rule is that if it is illegal to possess in the U.S., its illegal to bring it into the country. While it may be possible to buy these drugs legally in a foreign country, if they are not dispensed in a manner consistant with U.S. prescription drug laws, then they will not be legally possessed.

Painkillers & steriods are addressed by Arizona Law (13-3401 6(d) and 20-21) as are other prescription medications at (13-3406). Arizona Law (13-3407 & 13-3408) makes it a crime to possess, use, transport, etc., the drugs set forth in (13-3401) and illegal transportation of any of the drugs mentioned in these Arizona laws are felonies.

The exception is for medications dispensed by prescription written by a doctor in either country. It is, of course, legal to have a prescription written in either country filled in either country.

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On 06/09/03
IRISH from NV said:
What are the laws regarding nurses giving my kids any kind of pills or medicine while they are at school? I am in Nevada, the kid is 14
On 04/03/03
Erin from Othe said:
I think your site should have more information on what the law is regarding painkillers. I also think (well suggest) your site should have loads of information on drugs for like Projects. (Not being rude:),) Thanx, Erin
On 02/25/03
Neal from AZ said:
As long as you have the written perscription from Mexico you can bring the filled perscription drugs over the border.
On 03/10/02
Dave from MD said:
Sounds like a bad idea!
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