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Question: What could be the outcome if you were arrested and you are 17 but almost 18 for a small amount of unused meth?

Answer: Methamphetamine is considered a 'dangerous drug', as defined by Arizona law (in ARS 13-3401(6)(b)). Possession of a 'dangerous drug' (ARS 13-3407(A)(1)) is a class 4 felony if the amount possessed is under the threshold amount. The threshold amount for meth is 9 grams (See ARS 13-3401). If the amount is over the threshold amount, the penalties are more severe for Methamphetamine (ARS 13-712).

If a 17 year old is prosecuted for possession of Methamphetamine in juvenile court, the maximum penalty is being sent to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (youth prision) until the person turns 18. (See ARS 8-246(A)).

If the 17 year old is prosecuted as an adult, and if this is a first-time felony conviction and no dangerous/violent offense was involved, the person must be sentenced to probation and must take part in drug education and treatment during the term of probation. ARS 13-901.01. That term of probation can be 4 years [ARS 13-902(A)(3)], with a possible extension of 3 more years if restitution has been ordered and not paid in full. See ARS 13-902(C)(1)

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On 01/26/06
unknown from AZ said:
I have a 16 year old niece that was caught with the possession of meth and had marijuana in her system while in school. What are the consequences? What should we as her family be prepared for?
On 08/21/03
chris from Othe said:
Hang on..so possessing meth is a class 4 felony..yet possessing weed is a class 6? whats up with that?
On 09/30/02
hollt from AZ said:
is it the same if your cnarged when ur 18-35 if its ur first time its just prob and a rehab program
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