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Question: Does a cop have to show you what you blew on a breathalyzer test?

Answer: In Arizona, an officer does not have to show you the results of the breath test at the scene. However, if you blew over the legal limit or are charged with DUI, the prosecutor must give you the results so that you know what the State is accusing you of.

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On 06/18/05
Richard from MO said:
So if they dont have to show you the reading on the radar what is the defence when you know you were not driving that fast?
On 03/24/02
Richard from PA said:
Is Arizona the only state where they don't have to show you? What about in Pennsylvania? I am curious because I am doing a research paper on underage drinking and reasons that kids use to get out of trouble.
On 01/05/02
paul from IA said:
They also don't have to show you their radar reading. Sure it's on the ticket, and in court later, but guess what? They could have just made up a random number. Actually I think a cop did this to me once, I was doing at MOST 59 and he claimed almost 80! There's no proof, and burden of proof falls on the plaintiff. Course, that's not true when the GOVT is doing the accusing...
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