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Question: Will you go to jail if you do crack?

Answer: In Arizona, possession or use of a narcotic drug like crack is a class 4 felony, according to ARS 13-3408(A)(1). A first time offender for this crime cannot be sentenced to prison or jail. He or she must be placed on probation. A second time offender cannot go to prison, but may serve some jail time as a part of his/her probation. Any subsequent conviction for drug possession may result in jail and/or prison time.

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On 11/21/06
Nichole from AL said:
I would think youd go to jail for doing crack but maybe I dont know what  im talking bout. Maybe crack is used for medicinal purposes j/k
On 08/30/04
Joey from VA said:
they found almost 2 litle bags of crack in my car but they werent on me..they took me to the detention center but released in 40 mins. now i have to go to court what do you think they will do to me??
On 03/13/04
Brandon from NJ said:
What is the penalty for illegal weapons posesion and underage drinking?
On 03/09/04
Audrey from AZ said:
Hey, does anyone know the penalty if you are caught with cocaine and are a juvenile?
On 08/24/03
melody from MD said:
if you are caught with drugs dont automatically give them prision time just a slapp on tha rear end to let them know this is not a joke but dont be 2 harsh especially on black males
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