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Question: When is marijuana possession a misdemeanor? What are the consequences?

Answer: In Arizona, possession of less than two pounds of marijuana is a class 6 felony. The Office of the County Attorney may charge a class 6 felony as a misdemeanor at their discretion. See the Youth Laws Section - 'What kids are being arrested for?'

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On 05/31/09
Bee from AZ said:
Pot is the lesser of all evils. It was stupid when they outlawed it. We could pay off the entire deficit in our country if it was leagal and taxed just like liquor and cigarettes. Sick people suffer when they would not have to if they would just let it be legal. We have voted two times for medical and won. But the Feds. tie it up in courts. We should all email the white house and ask for legalization. This way they will know how many people do want this legal.
On 05/05/09
Choose from AZ said:
Today young adults have to choose at an early age which side of the law they will be on. 70% are smoking marijuana, and because of the war on marijuana, 70% of future voters will someday win the war on marijuana, and it will be legal to buy, just like alcohol and tabacco products. In my home, and in most homes in my neighborhood, Marijuana is only illegal if you get caught by the police. If you get caught, the police arrest you and are nice to you. They say they are just doing their job. Most of the time everybody pleas not guilty, and they let you go. What kind of war is that....???
On 04/27/09
J DUb from AZ said:
i was chilin and some kids were blazin a blunt.cops passes they run. i get searched they find like .3 of a gram of dro inside a big ass jar i get possession and para... blah! does a jar count as that? it had no resin or resedue. and i didn't even have a smokable amount !! shouldn't they be catching real criminals
On 04/07/09
kristi from AZ said:
my name is kristine and i got caught in school for bringing marijuana and having 200 dollars in my pocket. my principal called the police and my mom the police said that im having class 6 felony which i dont really know what is. but now i dont know if im going to Juvenal.
On 04/01/09
Sean K from AZ said:
I recently got busted with 9 pounds of Chronic, While Driving on the Freeway. I got stopped because i was speeding. But the officer who found the Marijuana told me to Leave, the Marijuana with him, and No harm No Faul. No Charges, No Citation's , No Ticket. No nothing. He just told me to Leave, and not so say anything.
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