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Question: What would happen if you were stopped by a police officer with less than 28.5 grams of pot in your car?


Possession and use of marijuana can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on how much of it you have and whether you intend to sell it, are producing it, or are transporting it with intent to sell.


Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony.

Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (A.R.S. § 13-3405). There's also a good chance that you'll also lose your driving privileges in addition to having to pay a minimum of $750 in fines.

Penalities for using, possessing, selling, or transporting marijuana increase if you have more than two pounds.

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On 03/10/07
Joe from VA said:
If I am drivig car and not smoking pot and someone else is what could i get for it.
On 06/16/04
Calvin from MD said:
i had a bowl and a empty bag of weed in my car, i was smoking a cigarette when 2 state troopers come up behind me an ask what i'm doing so i tell them that i'm just sitting here smoking a cigarette and waiting for a friend, well they tell me an my friend to step out of the car and they hand cuff us and didn't even read us our rights and start searching my car well i stuffed the empty bag of weed in my sock so they would find it but they found my bowl later on in the station they found the bag and said i was charged with drug paraphenallia and trace amounts of weed, what would be the punishment
On 05/17/04
Harper from SC said:
What happens if you get stopped with Marijuana in your car? Nothing!!! The police have NO right to search your car unless you give them a concrete reason to suspect intoxication: erratic driving, strong smell, acting strange, etc. The law gives you enough protection to do as you wish with your private life, as long as you don't act irresponsibly.
On 05/02/04
steph from Othe said:
what kind of jail terms would you get if you were caught with cocaine
On 03/11/04
becky from GA said:
i agree with you 100%. I'm a professional executive and occassionally smoke. it does not affect my work, family or anything else. I do it at home to relax. I have a 6 figure income so I doubt it affects my IQ as some people claim..
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