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Question: What is the punishment for giving a fellow minor alcoholic beverages?

Answer: The most likely outcome is that each minor would be charged with minor in possession. Minor in Possession of Alcohol is a class one misdemeanor.

If convicted of a class one misdemeanor, both minors would face being placed on standard probation, supervised by the juvenile probation department. The juvenile could be required by the court to attend educational classes, drug testing, and even detention in the juvenile detention center.

If the only evidence that a juvenile was in possession is the testimony of another co-defendant juvenile, charges probably wouldn't be filed. The county attorney usually requires the independent testimony of a police officer who observed the juveniles, while each juvenile was in possession of the alcohol.

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On 05/09/06
Ryan from MO said:
last weekend I got an MIP as well as a possession of marijuanna. I am going to be 21 in 2 months.I am going to let the mip go on my record and get a lawyer to take care of the poss. charge.What can I expect as far as fines and court costs from the mip. My record is clean and there was less than an ounce. Will i have to do classes, comm. service or any of that bs?
On 05/20/04
liela from MI said:
You should atleast expect to be guilty. And maybe some time in jail. (about 5-10 yrs)
On 02/09/04
blake from MO said:
Alright, say I recieve a possession. 6 months later I get another one what should I expect in court.
On 11/15/03
Tim from MD said:
You have to be 18 to transport booze so if you got that ticket it means that you were underage moving the beer and they should have confiscated the beer and let you go with a ticket. That is what they do in Maryland so the age might be different but it doesn't matter that is a nothing ticket. Take it to court and say you borrowed your fathers car and he lefted it in the back seat. But no you weren't charged with a DUI.
On 10/27/03
Cody from IA said:
I got arrested for possession of alcohol at a party but when the cops came i had nothing in my hand i was simply sitting on the couch watching tv. the cop gave me a ticket and im taking it to court. is there any way i can get out because they have no evidence that i was actually drinking?
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