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Question: Why does selling marijuana gets you into trouble with the police?


Selling Marijuana, and even possessing it, gets you into trouble with the police because the law in the United States and in Arizona prohibits (does not allow) Marijuana to be sold or possessed, (except in very rare cases in some states like Arizona where Marijuana is prescribed by a doctor for very limited medicinal purposes when someone is very ill).

Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony.

Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (A.R.S. § 13-3405). There's also a good chance that you'll also lose your driving privileges in addition to having to pay a minimum of $750 in fines.

Penalities for using, possessing, selling, or transporting marijuana increase if you have more than two pounds.

Police in our communities have the job of enforcing the law, so they must detain individuals who break the law by selling or possessing Marijuana.

To learn more about the laws regarding Marijuana, visit the Illegal Substances Laws on this site. Or copy and past the key word "Marijuana" in the Search Questions box on this page.

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On 05/10/09
dee from AL said:
first off it grows from the earth so how is it illegal plus u got sex offenders doing less time than people who sell or smoke weed i mean the sytem is ,messed up its wrong the drug offenders are in jail and rapist and murderers arent i mean please ppl we all need to come together on this
On 02/28/09
jeff from CO said:
MAKE IT LEGAL!!! obvisouly the government and the police is losing on the war on drugs! so why not legalize it and keep the jails from being overpopulated and save them for the real criminals. Anyways if you legalize weed everyone will be cool and calm and no one has to worry about getting mugged,murdered, or robed. Anyways just  WATCH THE SHOWS AND READ. I love smoking the herb  so peace to all my homie stoners ~stoner for life!
On 02/27/06
joshewa from OK said:
haha it messes you up so why do it? jail time and such is it really worth it? no so just dont do it
On 02/09/06
Summer from TX said:
Even if they do legalize it then they will most likely put an age limit on it and most of the pople abusing it will still abuse it, they wont wait till they become of age.
On 05/11/04
jerome from NY said:
Marijuana should be legalized, because like some other person said up there, people go to jail and do all this stuff like probation, and they get out and smoke it again anyhow ya know. People are gonna smoke marijuana no matter what, theres no way to stop it, face the facts. Not everyone smokes marijuana, but people who do, keep smoking it, and no one can stop them cuz if they get busted, then another person will be smoking it, it goes on and on and on. Im just saying, if you wanna stop a lot of problems, legalize marijuana, theyll be no more drug dealers, and at least people will do it safely
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