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Question: If a minor is caught with alcohol and the police officer writes down their name but does not take them to the police station, will this go on their record?

Answer: The police officer has several choices in this case. Sometimes a warning is given and nothing else is done. Sometimes the name is put on a 'field card' which is used to keep track of people who frequently cause problems. The officer might also choose to write a report about the incident and then give the report to juvenile court. If through juvenile court some type of consequences are given for the offense, the record will show the consequences and will also show the person's level of cooperation.

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On 10/30/08
ashley from KS said:
i got arrested saturday night and charged with an MIP after my parents called me in as a runaway. I will be 18 in four weeks (nov 27) i heard they can charge me as an adult. what will prob. happen?
On 08/16/08
MOM from MI said:
You want to play like an adult, you will pay like an adult..almost..if you think fines, court fees, etc. are bad for an MIP...wait til you get charged as an REAL adult. BSing will only get you so far. Our daughter is facing her 3rd MIP offense. All A student,popular and very pretty..but her BSing and luck have finally run out. In violation of her MP probation, she is looking at jail time and some hefty fines. She was to start college this fall & just moved to her 1st apt. Likely will loose her job. All for the sake of a drink. YOU WANT TO PLAY..BE PREPARED TO PAY WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT!
On 01/14/07
Adam from ME said:
I was at a friends house just hanging out i heard somthing about a party at work and that it was just a small get together. Then like 90 People showed up!? It was bad but i had like 20 beers but later around midnight i hear kids yell cops i go to hide because i'm on probation .. The cop found me told me to go down stairs and give my ID to the other cop, (btw there was only 2 cops) He looked at it and gave it back? Will my probation officer find out? Will i go to jail? If so how long due to violation of probation but i dont think they knew that?!
On 11/01/05
ashley, k from MN said:
A cop entered a house without a warrant and pulled me out of bed and gave me breathalizer, in which i did blow .055, so he gave me a minor. is that right can he do that? Can i ever get the minor taken away if he went about it the wrong way?
On 05/20/05
Tabitha from MI said:
I was with a couple of friends and we were all drinking and a cop came up and he seen every one else drinking and i was the only 1 he asked for an ID and the only 1 he gave a brethalizer 2 and the only 1 he took to jail iver night! is that right?
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