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Question: How much is the fine for a 16 year old in possession of tobacco (not on school grounds)?

Answer: Arizona Law (ARS 8-341) states that the maximum fine for an incorrigible act (aside from reparations if there are damages associated with the incorrigible act) is $150. A judge can consider community service in addition to, or as an alternative to a fine for an incorrigible act.

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On 05/14/08
dman from AZ said:
Anyone under the age of 18 typically doesn't know what is good for them. Hence the parents being in control. We expect parents to know what is good and not good. If the parents smoke, then shame on them for leading a bad example. Here is the deal. Smoking is lame. It causes cancer. It also can cause cancer to the people around the smoker. It also causes severe respiratory issues. Is that what you want?
On 03/08/08
Zip from MD said:
I'm 16 and I got caught smoking twice, once by a cop, and once by my mom. All the cop did was give me a warning. My mom called the sheriff and he gave me another warning. I agree with Creig, if a 16 year old wants to smoke then let him. Its out bodies right?
On 11/23/07
Bill from WA said:
I think that if you aren't of age to do it, then wait until you are! Until you are 18 of age your parents take responsibility for what you do! So if you want to smoke and kill yourself be my guest! just do it after you're 18!
On 04/02/06
Shawn from AZ said:
I was charged with minor in possesion of tobacco and got 1 year of unsupervised probation and a $50 fine.
On 02/27/06
from KY said:
It's bull that cops can give a fine for smoking cigs. because it is your body and it should be your choice on how you want to take care of it. Alot of cops don't care if you smoke cigs. under the age though. My boyfriend lives 2 houses down from a cop and he actually gives us cigs. when we don't have any even though he can get fired for that.
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