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Question: Is it legal to have a minor tested for drugs without their parents permission?

Answer: The United States Constitution protects adults and children from illegal searches (the Fourth Amendment).

Taking blood or urine from a person's body to test for drugs can be considered a search. So, it really depends on WHO is making the juvenile take the drug test; and WHY the drug test is being done.

For example, the United States Supreme Court has held that a school can require mandatory drug testing for athletes in school programs and that this does not violate a student's constitutional rights. However, a teacher could not simply walk up to a student for no reason whatsoever and start singling out students to take drug tests.

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On 02/15/09
kay from FL said:
Well, they did it too my grandaughter in her senior year 2months left ... She got expelled this is wrong
On 11/05/08
swakyn from AZ said:
i think that its not fair that students have to get drug tested because theyre kids and they are gonna try new things do why do it
On 02/21/02
Grace from Othe said:
I think it is so cheap that they can check athletes for drugs even if they are in high school. I think it doesn't really matter in high school.
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