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Question: Could you get in trouble if you're with someone and they have illegal drugs and you honestly don't know until they get caught?

Answer: A person can get in trouble for another person's possession of illegal drugs if they knew about it and/or participated in obtaining or transporting it.

If, for example, you are at the mall with a friend and the friend has marijuana in his pants pocket, and you do not about it, you did not purchase or help him obtain it, you most likely will not be in trouble.

However, it can still be a big hassle to have to explain the situation to the cops and to your parents. That is why it is important to choose your friends carefully. Those kids who want to use drugs should not be your friends. It just isn't worth the trouble!

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On 01/12/09
Jessy from AZ said:
i don't necessarily agree with that statement either, but just cause they do something dumb does NOT ever mean be out of line or rude to them! Besides if ur honestly not triing to find or be around the stuff u should be fine... though if u ever do honesty WILL help!
On 11/20/08
Tom from AZ said:
ya i know some kids that do drugs and they are pretty messed up, and the scary thing is, im only in 8th grade.
On 05/14/08
tina from AL said:

yes you can and dont run away because if they get you u get in more troble then u would want to be. And if you do get caught and someone eles has drugs on them n you dont now u still get in troble becauz you shouldnt of been wit then if they had drugs on then. NEVER RUN FROM COPS THEY GOT SMARTER IN THE YEARS BECAUSE OF THE PPL THAT DO.

On 05/06/04
hope from AZ said:
Not if you run away with it.
On 04/14/04
karsten from IL said:
Run away as fast as you can! There will be a time when you get in trouble for other people doing real stupid stuff. JUST STAY AWAY AND OUT OF IT!!! Find friends that do not these things.
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