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Question: In reference to Marijuana, how much do the courts consider to be a "usable amount"?

Answer: In Arizona, there is not necessarily a set amount that is considered a 'usable' quantity of marijuana. The state has the burden to produce evidence that the marijuana is in a form and amount that can be used under known practices. What this means is that the prosecutor usually will have an expert, often a law enforcement officer, testify as to how people commonly use marijuana and how much of it is needed.

In one case, 0.3 grams of marijuana (a very small amount) was considered to be a usable amount. State v. Murphy (1977) 117 Ariz. 57, 570 P.2d 1070.

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On 07/07/08
k from AZ said:
He said "could be" not "should be", meaning it doesn't matter if you have a little or a lot you are getting charged for the same thing
On 06/11/07
Evan from TX said:
This is to the dude that said "a usable amount should be 1 bud or an ounce", an ounce of weed is a very large amount to be smoking all at once.. or even in a week it would still be alot, i think a usable amount should be about .5 grams
On 11/01/05
Thomas from VA said:
My friend does weed and he brings it to school some times, i do not do it but he is always high when he gets to school, but he already went to Juvey for possesion of drugs and stealing stuff, so i do not know why he does it anymore
On 02/05/02
420 from ME said:
I live in Maine and was searched and the officer found a small bud in my pocket which probably wasn't even enough to get you high and I recieved a summons and had to go to court. Personally I think a usable amout could be 1 bud or an ounce, and the fine would be the same.
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