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Question: What will I get if I steal cigarettes?

Answer: In Arizona, Possession of tobacco by a person under the age of 18 is an incorrigible act and you could face charges in court. There could be various penalties. STEALING is a different story. Theft or shoplifting is a crime and you could be prosecuted for committing this act. You could be ordered to jail or any other options that the judge may decide according to A.R.S. sec 13-1802, 13-1805, 8-341 and 8-201(15)

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On 07/31/05
Chris from GA said:
Well I Think We Should Bring The Smoking Age Down To 15 Becouse I Dont Think I Want To See A Bunch Of 8 year olds running around smoking thinking its a joke becouse its not it kills millions of people i smoke i started when i was 10 thats a shame well im 16 now.im not going to stop smoking its my decision and i have that right as a human.im not trying to hurt any one else. Well Everyone Over 18 that smokes think about it this way how would you feel if thay banned all niccotin products?? You Would Be Mad Wouldn't You?? Im Pissed Off About The Smoking laws myself And i will keep smoking!!!
On 02/01/05
Adam from Othr said:
i think they should lower the age of all substances because it will mean that less children would want to do it because it is usually used for rebelion against parents
On 12/11/04
Celeste from MI said:
Hey Ya'll. Im only 13. and i picked up smoking when i was 10 years old. I love to smoke but i know its hurting me. I just say to myself "why smoke. you're to young, and i cant even bye them for myslf yet. I think that it pretty sad.
On 09/24/04
Katie and Katie from OH said:
Well, ifyou're going to smoke them, I'd say you might just have a chance of getting CANCER!!!! And don't be a theif! Its not nice
On 03/23/04
chris from Othe said:
the fact is i cant quit smoking how ever hard i try. it is too addictive.if i quit i end up stealing them off my parents and this is turning them against me
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