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Question: I was caught with Marijuana by the police. Will my school and job find out that I am guilty of possession of marijuana?

Answer: There is nothing in the law that requires notification of either schools or employers for conviction for possession of marijuana. If you are a minor, your criminal record won't be made public. Adult criminal convictions, however, are public record.

An employer may require disclosure of a conviction, so if they ask, you may have to reveal that you were convicted of drugs. Also, conviction may prevent a person from getting student loans. Finally, if you are applying for school admission, there may be questions concerning criminal convictions.

Keep in mind that the Constitution makes a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Also, you may be able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor in your case to a misdemeanor rather than a felony, which will help in the long run.

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On 04/15/09
anton from UT said:
i got caught with bud in saltlake by the cops it really sucked thay took my bud and aressested me but after a phone call i was realeased on the spot it really depends on your situation
On 03/22/09
ZZ from IL said:
Geez... ya no wht? the only reason weed is illegal is so tobacco companies can make more cash... true fact... i hate our government...
On 03/06/09
Vic from TX said:
i just got caught for going to school "under the infunce" and there going to suspended me tell my hearing and at my hearing there probly going to seed me to alternitive school. i only had a joint how much trouble could i be expecting?
On 09/08/08
milli from OH said:
Well, im 17 years old and just recently got caught with Marijuana. Me and my good lady friend, tiffany, were smoking it outside in my car behind her sisters appartment. Before i know it, cops are behind us. They ask me too get out and search me. Well i had a lil dime bag on me and i gotta go 2 court and everything. Turns out, some1 had called the cops on us for smoking illegal things. The best part is, i guess u could consider it the ghetto lol yet, we got BUSTED
On 08/05/08
from MA said:
Somebody called the police on us when we was parked in the dark. There was 3 of us, and obviously all of us were smoking. My friend had a warrant and I had 3 bags. They ask if we had anything, and of course we can't lie. They was thinking about giving me a warning but somebody already made the call. So they let my friends go because they didnt have the weed and sent me to jail, where the bail was only $40 and I had to go to court the same day. My case was dismissed for $200. I don't park and smoke no more lol
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