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Question: I got a ticket for a MIP. They let me just pay a ticket when i went to court without pleading guilty or anything. I paid it without even seeing the judge. Will I lose my license? Or did i not even have to see a judge?

Answer: Essentially what you did is plead guilty because you paid the fine. Sometimes you can just pay the fine and not see the judge.

If the judge wanted to suspend your license he or she could have done it. If it was suspended, you would have received some papers from the judge or from the Motor Vehicle Department. If you didn't receive anything from the Court or MVD, then your license probably isn't suspended. Be careful though, if you are caught for this crime again, you will lose your license until you are 18. (ARS 28-3320(7)).

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On 07/19/08
Gracie from OR said:
I just recently recieved an MIP and a charge for unlawful posession of marijuana. other that a fat fine, the cop mentioned that my license will probably be suspended, but my court date isnt for another month. Does anyone know it its still legal for me to drive? is the judge the only one with the authority to suspend it?
On 12/09/07
JD from WA said:

I went to this party last night. The cops busted it up and everyone there was seventeen. They did take all of our information but they didn't write anyone tickets. Our parents just came and picked each of us up. They didn't even question me when I walked away saying that was my ride. Did I get an MIP? What might happen from here?

On 10/07/07
Nate from CA said:
I got a drunk in public, fake id and marijuana on me, when the cops arrested me, how long will i lose my liscense? thanks
On 05/23/04
Tony from MI said:
i just got a ticket for 15 over, can i take care of it all on my own, court, fines etc. or do i have to get my Dad involved?
On 04/09/04
Corey from WA said:
I got a MIP at school when they did a drug search...I didnt get arested and taken away but they read me my rights and stuff like that. I got my licencse suspended for 90 days had to pay and fine and take 3 NA classes, and wright a two page report on each class.
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