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Question: I drank legally in Mexico, but got a MIP when I came across the border into America. Why?

Answer: There is a relatively new law in Arizona that allows the police on this side of the boarder to cite a minor who appears intoxicated or who has consumed alcohol on the Mexico side of the border with 'minor in possession of alcohol.' The theory is that the minor 'possesses' the alcohol inside their body. This law was most likely in response to the thousands of under 21 drinkers who go across the line, party and come back into the United States under the influence of alcohol. The numbers of kids who do that are very high. They then attempt to drive cars home and become deadly statistics of drunk driving.

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On 08/05/05
Brezzy from IN said:
Here in Indiana we can buy and shoot fireworks. But as for drinking at 18. I think that law should be passed only for those who are enlisted in the army or whatever. Only because those people are risking their lives for somethings they may never experince. I have seen so many people mess up their lives and spend time locked up because of beer.
On 06/09/04
Nikki from MI said:
The same thing happens to us in Michigan when we cross the border into Canada to drink. Once we clear customs, even though we have a sober driver cops will pull us over for "stupid reasons" (like having something hanging from the rearview mirror-illegal in Michigan) So what we do is go to Canada, drink, sober up a little bit, and then cross the border so we dont get MIP's. I agree with the other posts I've seen, if we can vote, smoke, and be drafted to fight in war, we should be able to consume alcohol. The law should be changed to 18 to drink!
On 04/27/04
Pike from PA said:
When it comes to underage drinking and drunk driving(both underage and of age)the law pretty much has free reign. The cops can basically do whatever they want. As for them not being able to pull you over just to test you, well most states have Implied Consent. Most states have laws that require you to surrender yourself for a Sobriety test at any point in time, simply because the cop says so. In most states you loose your license if you refuse to show your ID or take the blood test you will loose your liscense automatically for about 90 days.
On 04/02/04
Nina from AZ said:
I think it's wrong because mexico is different than America. There are different laws in different countries. Like you can buy/shoot fireworks in mexico but not in America. Laws that aren't the same - in different places. And America has laws for peoples protection .
On 12/17/03
t from AZ said:
personally, even if intoxicated, i'd take my chances in the US instead of Mexico any day --- you DO NOT want to go to jail in mexico. just b/c it's legal in Mexico, their cops can & will find somethin to bust you on -- so be careful either way
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