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Question: What would happen if you were caught using drugs?


If you are caught using or possessing drugs, you would be arrested, taken to jail and charged with possession of the drug. The Prosecutor would then have to prove that you knowingly used or were in possession of a usable amount of the illegal drug.

In Arizona, the law under which you would be prosecuted depends on the type and amount of drug used or carried on one's person. The possible penalties for violation of these laws include fines, prison time, and probation depending on history of convictions and the current violation. The crimres range from a Class 6 to a Class 2 Felony. You can check A.R.S. § 13-3402 (peyote), A.R.S. § 13-3405 (marijuana), A.R.S. § 13-3407 (Dangerous Drugs including methamphetamine and LSD), and A.R.S. § 13-3408 (Narcotics including cocaine and crack) for specific definitions and penalties.

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On 08/10/03
Tim from PA said:
Me and my friends have been caught a lot in philly and all the cops do here is break your pipes , or throw your pot in a sewer or trashcan, i dont think the cops really have time to worry about it around here but they should stop trying to crackdown on drug sellers and start worryin about the gang crimes n drive by's because all they seem to care about is robberys and drug sellers
On 08/08/03
sheila from KY said:
no it's not up to them! it's illegal for a reason! Many innocent people are injured or even killed because of drugs so they're not just hurting themselves, they're hurting EVERYONE!
On 06/05/03
Emily from Othe said:
hi i think it all about u and what u want to do in life as a youth girl i been thought alot with family and friend durg r not cool i could tell u that 4 sure i have seen peopls somke there life out if u could help don't do it not 4 me or your mom/dad but just 4 you!
On 04/24/03
samantha from MI said:
i know what it's like to know somebody who's on drugs. my cousin is in a detention home for drugs. i tell u, it's not worth it.
On 03/03/03
katie and carly from CA said:
we think that taking drugs are wrong but if you want to do it then go ahead its your life.We have hung round with people who deal and take drugs so its up to them
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