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Question: Is it legal to drink in your own home if your parents condone it?

Answer: Many people think that no child should ever be given liquor. Many people think that children should be taught to drink at home. The law hesitates to invade a home and to tell people how to raise their children. However, when things go to beans, there can be all sorts of trouble from things which would not ordinarily give trouble. E.g.: A father give a slug of beer to his children occasionally. The mother files for divorce, and tells the court and the local child protective authority about this in order to get custody and to get back at the father. The father is in a world of hurt. To see the exact law on youth and drinking go to this website: http://www.azleg.gov/ars/4/00241.htm

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On 03/19/09
jay from MN said:
my teacher asked my school cop and the cop said that if its in your own house and your parent is with you and your parent says that it is ok then it is legal and if they do not approve then you can get inderage drinking
On 03/06/09
Alex from NJ said:
You don't have to be emancipated. You can have your friends parents become your legal guardians if that is fine with your parents. Also you can have it temporarily to.
On 09/20/08
Lacy from AZ said:
okay, so i want to get emancipated when im 16. but, i want to move out of state. is that possible? i want to live with my friends mother, so that i can graduate from a highschool there and then go to college in that state, if that makes sense. i dont like living in arizona, its not my place, ive lived here for a year and a half now. and i was just wondering also do you have to work? because if i want to move out of state then i would have to find some kind of a job in that state, instead of here.
On 02/16/07
josh from AZ said:
i drink
On 04/21/06
sara from CA said:
my mom & dad let me drink but only with them @ our house and i can control myself so my mom and dad trust me that i wont abuse alcohol
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