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Question: Is it legal to drink in your own home if your parents condone it?

Answer: Many people think that no child should ever be given liquor. Many people think that children should be taught to drink at home. The law hesitates to invade a home and to tell people how to raise their children. However, when things go to beans, there can be all sorts of trouble from things which would not ordinarily give trouble. E.g.: A father give a slug of beer to his children occasionally. The mother files for divorce, and tells the court and the local child protective authority about this in order to get custody and to get back at the father. The father is in a world of hurt. To see the exact law on youth and drinking go to this website: http://www.azleg.gov/ars/4/00241.htm

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On 01/04/06
brandin from IA said:
my english classed asked our school cop the same ?. he gave us an answer of. its ok for your parents to give you alcohol as long as your at your own home and you stay inside. but if they take you or if you leave on your own even you and they will becharge just the same as if you met them off the street, also they can also be charge wit child endagerment as well. now on the other hand a lot of it depends on what the cops want to do and what kind of mood they are in.
On 08/13/05
yeah... (Aodhfin) from AL said:
as someone below me mentioned, in some states this *IS* legal. (You should mention that... why censor your answers? I see this a lot.) Personally, I think a kid who is raised with alcohol is less likely to abuse it outside the home (as often as others are prone to do) because it is familiar to them, they get a couple of benefits: 1) they know their limits, and how much they can consume safely (to a point) 2)it is familiar to them, most underage people begin drinking because it *is* illegal and it is exciting to do something new. You see?
On 07/15/05
wicked_clown from AZ said:
you knowthat people have the right to do whatever they wantin their home i mean come on they live there
On 01/24/04
Jane Doe from TX said:
When my parents allow me to drink at home on occasions it makes me want to drink less when I'm not in their presence. Why would I want to go to parties and drink if I'm safely doing the same thing at home. If I drank at parties I would have to drive home, and when I drink at home I don't have to drive. So the chances of me having a wreck because I'm drunk are very slim. Parents should be allowed to give their own kid a drink in their own home. I don't think it should be the law enforcers buisness what goes on in your home.
On 12/17/03
Tyler from KY said:
Yes, This is to all people who are at least of age 18!! We can go to war and fight for our country and die, and also go to jail b/c we are considered and ADULT, but we cant buy alcahol! What kind of law is that? I think if we all got together and sent in letters we could eventually get past that law because it's so dtupid. Everyone drives drunk. It dont matter about age everyone does it. Lets do away with this......WE SHOULD GET PAST THIS LAW!!!!!!!!!
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