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Question: Is it legal to order Tylenol 3 from Canada over the Internet?

Answer: No. There has been a great deal of confusion caused by the Internet when it comes to certain types of activities or purchase. Here, since the seller is outside of the United States, they need only to be licensed to sell drugs under the laws of Canada. US laws currently do not give US federal agencies the ability to regulate the sales of drugs over the Internet from foreign sellers.

However, if a doctor's prescription is required to possess the drug in the United States, then you still need to have the prescription to legally use the drug. So, an Internet-based pharmacy may sell you the drug, but they may have a disclaimer on their site saying something like, 'a physician's prescription may be required to use this drug.' It may be cheaper to buy drugs over the Internet (or similarly by going over the border to Mexico), but you still need a prescription to make it legal for you to possess and use the drug in the United States.

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On 05/26/04
Egon from AZ said:
Isn't it strange, that USA is the ONLY country in the world that set up people in traps, involving and enforcing a crime happening - all theese things are forbidden to do in all other countries - except USA. Very strange, for the Land of the Freeeee, or how ever it was ...
On 05/22/04
Karon from WA said:
WOW thanks for the advice and I am so sorry to hear that
On 05/16/04
tamara jones from FL said:
this is great
On 10/29/03
Nick from TX said:
I was arrested for ordering prescriptions pills over the internet. I order a 90 day supply which I thought was legal as claimed on their website. At the time I currently lived a small town in Texas where the narcotics task force had nothing better to do than to setup a raid on my apartment. An officer delivered the package to my door and then 10 officers raided my apartment after that. The only substance they seized was the substance they delivered to me. I wasnt selling drugs nor possess or use them. I was charged with one felony charge of delivery of a controlled substance and one misdemea
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