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Question: What should I do if my teacher verbally abuses me in private and in public?

Answer: All school children are entitled to respect and civility from their teachers. If you feel you are being verbally abused, you and/or your parents should immediately report this to the school's administration (e.g. the principal). The school is then notified of the situation, can conduct an investigation, and can then respond appropriately based on the facts.

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On 01/16/07
Katy from WI said:
My AP gov't and politics teacher constantly tells all of us how uneducated we are and that we are hopeless. Today, for me, was the ulitmate blow, when I could not think of a word to use to connect two pieces of my sentence in response to a question she prompted for discussion. As I was speaking, she cut me off before I could finish. Then, when I tried to speak, she snapped at me and hit my shoulder. After class I was talking with a classmate and the same thing happened. She cut me off,again, and told us she didn't want to talk to us anymore and then yelled at me for trying to speak. Abuse?
On 05/08/06
Emmanuel from CA said:
Is ur teacher REALLY verbally abusing you? Cuz I thought my 5th grade teacher, Ms.Davis was being mean, but what she really did, was unlock my potential that she saw but I didnt. She yelled at me to do all that homework that I didnt think I could possibly do, but after getting yelled at into tears, I actually did it, and I did it 5 hours earlier than I anticipated.
On 04/11/06
donathan from AL said:
my high school teacher abuses me what should i do!!!!
On 01/12/06
msj from AZ said:
When you turn 18 can you have sexual relationships with your teachers.
On 01/10/06
tra-v from CT said:
i think that teacher shouldnt have any thing to say about the student he/she should know better
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