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Question: What should I do if my teacher verbally abuses me in private and in public?

Answer: All school children are entitled to respect and civility from their teachers. If you feel you are being verbally abused, you and/or your parents should immediately report this to the school's administration (e.g. the principal). The school is then notified of the situation, can conduct an investigation, and can then respond appropriately based on the facts.

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On 12/16/05
Charlie from NY said:
HI my name is charlie i live in New Zealnad but New Zealand wasn't on there so i just clicked on New York.. I was just going to ask is it legal for any sort of teachers hit u wiht a book or a stick.. Please write back thank you Charlie
On 10/30/05
charlie from HI said:
I live in Auckland in New Zealand but N>Z wasn't on there so I just did a random one.. my math teacher hits me just because I talk in english and I ask what she said coz I don't understand Help me Plz Charlie
On 06/22/05
hannah from FL said:
my teacher said to me that i was a out of order little girl and that my parents should of given me up at birth and went to hit me before i shouted at him 'you dont no nothing about me and my family' and walked out and he hade a 1 on 1 convosation wich i dont think its legal to do please tell me what i should do please thank you from hannah
On 09/08/04
Kyle from WA said:
Ah, the subject of abuse by teachers whether it be emotional or physical I find to be a funny subject. Take for instance my old principle at my elementary school. He took some kid and slammed him into a wall and yelled obscenities for really no reason. The kid didn't do anything. You know what happened to our principle? If you're thinking fired then you're wrong. Not even a class about anger management was given. Nope, he was only transfered to another elementary school with no other repercussions for his actions. Mind you this kid that this happened to was only seven year old. Funny, eh?
On 04/08/04
Sirena from ME said:
One of my closesed friends were being verbily abused in front of the whole class and she got the principal to do an investigation, that went really well. The teacher went through a class to redirect her her insults, and the class started to go really well for her. In fact the teacher became one of her favorites. None of that would have happened if she didn't say anything.
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