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    Stories - View Story: Ernest's story

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    How's it goin?  I'm Ernest. I'm 15 years old and have never been in any trouble before. In fact, I've been on the honor roll all through high school. But now I've really got trouble.  I don't know why I did it, but on a dare from a friend, I borrowed this one neighbor's car. You see, we knew the keys were always in the ignition. Right now, I wish they weren't that day. Anyway, I guess I'm not that great of a driver yet and I accidentally went up over a curb and hit an old lady.  Geez, she's my grandma's age, 72, and I hurt her bad! The police and ambulance showed up and I was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.  And from what I understand, back in 1997 a law got passed in Arizona where this type of case has to be filed in the adult justice system! Before, I might've gotten time in the juvenile jail or put on probation, but now I'll have to serve 7-1/2 years in adult prison!

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    On 01/31/08
    Pat R. from AZ said:
    We're kids, we make mistakes, some more costly than others. Sorry, but try turning your negitive into a positive. Study hard you still can succeed in your life. Try teaching other kids what a dare can do to them. Tell kids that setting their friends up on a dare to do what is wrong can hurt that person you call your friend.Try starting a program to share your mistake with kids. Let them know to dare someone is same as bullying. Mostly we dare friends to do stupid stuff rather than looking out for our friends safety and well being like we should. We think it cant happen to us or our friends.
    On 01/14/08
    Heat from OR said:
    All Right everyone this is a forum to help people be more positive. He knows what he has done and does not need more scars. You know who you are don't beat a dead horse. Unless you have something constructive to say to him don't say anything at all. It does nobody any good to just keep blaming the kid for any actions he has caused I hope you can get bail so you can properly defend yourself. Make sure you don't do a speedy trial aka Pleading Guily for less Prison.
    On 01/09/08
    aolani from AZ said:
    I fell really sad for u but at least u learned your lesson the hard way im sorry for u
    On 11/30/07
    trish from AZ said:
    bummer. i am sorry that happened to you, and the poor lady you hit. i really hope they show some leniency to you since you have not been in trouble before, and it sounds like you regret it which is good.
    On 11/14/07
    Vernon from GA said:
    Girl no you dint why did you borrow the neigboors car just as a dare? You have no comin sence is your friend in jail as well you need help! How ever i aint mad at u!
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