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Question: Can sexual crimes occur within a marriage?

Answer: Yes. The same laws that apply to sex crimes outside the marriage apply to sex crimes within the marriage.

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On 05/26/09
rachel from MD said:
if you get married and them find out that your husband has been convicted as a juevinile of sexual offenses with a toddler and was sent away for this is there any way you can find out if he has a record? i am pregnant and want to make sure this did or did not happen before the baby comes.
On 10/14/08
kara from CO said:
yes when someone wife/husband says no to sex and the other still does it its considered rape and can be reported
On 09/08/07
Bri from AZ said:
If someone says they don't want to have sex and the other person forces them to, then it's rape.No matter what.
On 09/02/07
Erin from AZ said:
Yes. You can do whatever you want, but if you've said no and or he's hurting you then yes it can be a sexual crime. sexual abuse occurs when people are married as well.
On 08/19/07
sam from AZ said:
What if you ask your wife to have sex with you??? is that a sexual crime?!
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