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Question: I am being charged with credit card fraud but have no record, is it possible to get probation?

Answer: Yes. Most often, first time criminal offenders are placed on probation for their crime. The exceptions to this are crimes that involve the death or serious physical injury of the victim or crimes in which the defendant used a weapon, such as a gun or knife. Credit card fraud does not fall under these exceptions and typically, the prosecutor will offer a plea agreement that will place the defendant on probation. Even if the defendant is convicted at trial, however, the judge is likely to place a defendant on probation if he does not have any prior criminal record.

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On 03/22/09
from VA said:
i was chareged wth credt card fraud i used someone elses creit card at wal-mart i do have a record but its not in va...and i haent been n trouble since 06 can i get probation
On 06/25/08
dra from PA said:
I used my companies credit card to purchase $57,000 of cameras & laptops (to sell) and other things for myself online. First time EVER gettin in trouble and cant even believe I did it. Any chance of probation?
On 02/12/08
justme from VA said:

I turned myself in for credit card fraud.  I used a card that I found for about $2150.00.  I admited to everything- this is my first offense. Plus I'm in the military. What do you think will happen?

On 10/31/07
$tU from MN said:
Hi everyone I have something really important to ask. I was arrested for Disorderly conduct but havent been charged guilty... Well anyways I stole some checks from my uncle resulting in about 2,500 dollars. I can pay it back before my court but along with that my dad gave me a credit card to use and i spent alot of money on it when i maxed it out at 9,000 he turned me in and said i stole his credit card..he also gave me his social sec number and stuff so if i had problems i could call the card company.. im on house arrest now will i go back to jail or leave me on house arrest
On 09/08/07
bb from PA said:
my friend has a card that I have never seen but says her boyfriend told her to write the number down and use it whenever she wants to. she uses it with my address because she was staying with me she also paid one of my bills with it and now everything is falling back on me and my address if I get in trouble what will happen to me?
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