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    Stories - View Story: John's story

    John's MP3 N/A N/A

    My name is john and im 17, i live in south carolina with my dad..ok heres the story. I recently dropped out of school because i made some bad choices the earlier part of the semester and my grades are irrecoverable. I know i messed up and i take responsibilty for that. Anyways,im going back to school in August because i want my diploma, i didnt quit because i was lazy i took a brief vacation to gather myself. well i have a job now i work full time at piggly wiggly. Prior to dropping out my father told me if i did that that i would have to pay for my own rent, water bill, light bill, car insurance, gas, everything i needed money for i would have to pay...and hes keeping me grounded while he is MAKING me stay here and pay him, so its like im paying to be punished.  i would like to move out of the house, but what i really wanna know is if it is legal for him to make me pay him me not being emancipated, im goin crazy, thanks!

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    On 04/16/07
    joanna from NJ said:
    hi, i think you have made a good decision to go back to school. I hope you have learned your lesson. whether its a law or not, it think your father should make you pay for living in "his" house with the money from your schooling you can have your own apt.but in this case you should give him a little money because he was there for you in the first place. im a junior in high school and my sister made my mother drop her out of school while during that time she was pregnant. she works in a sprint store because she can barely afford for much. she's mostly depending on mommy to pay for everything.
    On 01/20/07
    Brittany from NM said:
    Well John i think your dad has the right to make you pay for rent because your dads house his rules and if you have a problem with his rules then move out and if you dont have enough money to get your own house or apartment then get over it and stop crying about it.
    On 01/13/07
    Mindy from MN said:
    Legally, you're dad could take all of the money you earn at you're job. That is untill you 18 and outta the house.
    On 12/08/06
    Nekia from SC said:
    your dad isent trying to be mean to you he is just teaching you a lesson. he made you pay not because he was mad at you he was disappointed in you. it worked because your going back to school.
    On 11/02/06
    Dave from AZ said:
    John, your dad is right to charge you rent if you drop out of school. He has worked to support you through your school years, buy why should he support a deadbeat? Congrats on your decission to go back to school. Maybe paying bills will show you that adult life isn't so easy or fun especially when most or all your income pays bills. You are seriously disadvantaged without a proper education. I speak from experience, I dropped out of H.S. and I am slaving at age 46 while my friends with degrees have little or no financial worries.
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