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    Stories - View Story: Jeska 's story

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    In August of 2004 I did one of the dumbest things in the world. I decided to ditch school with my then boyfriend and his brother. We went to my boyfriends house and his brother handed me a 20oz bottle of everclear and told me to chug it, so I did. After about 3mins I was completly gone and out of control. I began hitting on every guy in sight and cussing at everyone. we decided that i should just go home and try to sleep it off, but on the way home I began puking all over the place and we had to pull over. One of the last things I remember is staring up at a tree. I guess from there the cops and ambulance were called, I was so out of control the EMT refused to ride with me unless someone else was there, so they had to call my boyfriends mom(who really didnt know what was going on) and have her ride to the hospital with me. Upon my arrival to the hospital I went into seisures and my heart stopped beating. that happend twice. It took about 10 hours for me to come down, and then I was sent to Sonora Behavioral health were I could be monitored for Detox. I went home 3 days later and went through teen court deversion program. Now the tought, smell or even tasted makes me throw-up instantly. It was the most stupidest thing I have ever done, and ruined my life. Now my parents dont trust me, I cant get my drivers lisence until I am 18 and I get called names at school. It was definatly not worth it!

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    On 08/16/07
    jenny from AZ said:
    ummm actually the same thing happened to me like 3weeks ago except it was southern comfort an i chugged half the bottle an i was w my bf an his friends an they had to bring me home cus i was goin crazy too an when i did to get home they left me on the couch an left my cousin had to watch me over night but when she fell asleep i was left alone to choke on my own vomit my mom heard me gaggin 30mins later an my parents had to revive me i was ground for about to week but i gained my trust back cus my parents now im not like that... but what got me was that i could of died that night
    On 07/17/07
    tina H from AZ said:
    that sucks. and stupid they told you to chug everclear, all by your self and plus it doesnt seem like you drink that much so it's as much as their falt than it is yours.
    On 07/11/07
    Anna L from AZ said:
    Drinking to fit in isn't the way to go. Just because you friends tell you to do it doesn't mean you have to. Live above the influence thats what you hear all the time. You need to be smarter than that.
    On 09/12/06
    jennifer from CA said:
    my sisster drinks
    On 07/02/06
    candy from NC said:
    I can't say I have skipped school but, that's ok drinking alcohol, uh newsflash your under 21
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