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    Stories - View Story: Brittany's story

    Brittany's MP3 High Low

    "I started drinking and smoking marijuana when I was ten years old and now I'm fifteen years old.  I'd go into my parents liquor cabinet and have parties and invite my friends over whenever my parents were out-of-town.  We would see how much we could drink before we did something silly.  My best friend Susan was 18 years old.    One night, we decided to drive to the mall and hang out.  Susan was the only one with a drivers license.  That night Susan seemed kind of out-of-it, and I know I shouldn't have gotten into the car with her, but I didn't want to show that I was scared or chicken to drive with her.  I never knew that Susan had been arrested before for drunk driving.  She was my best friend but she never told me that.   Anyway, that night on the way to the mall, we had the radio blasting and we never heard the oncoming fire engine.  I can't remember exactly what happened, but I ended up in the hospital for 3 months with a broken pelvis and punctured lung.  My best friend Susan died at the scene.  I went through drug rehabilitation and I'm okay today.  But I will never forget what happened and I'll never party with drugs or alcohol again and I'll never drive with anyone who drinks and uses DRUGS!"

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    On 09/17/06
    Erica from AZ said:
    I am sorry to hear your story. Sorry that she had to die before she learned her lesson. And im glad that you are still ok. dont be afraid to have fun because of it. Just try not to be stupid. And yeah, don't ever drive with someone under the influence. It's just plain stupid!
    On 09/13/06
    Sarah from TX said:
    Yeah i feel ya but my best friend wasnt in the hospital 4 3 nonths she was killed and i hope all of yall learn frum this story bicuz it happens but this time it happend to be my best friend that was killed see she didnt have the oppritunity for a second chance at life and your lucky that you were!!! but look on da bright side you learned frum your mistake RIGHT?????
    On 09/01/06
    Wendi from TX said:
    Yeah, I have to agree with Teddy and besides i think it's gross when people smoke weed.
    On 09/01/06
    Teddy from NY said:
    Just so u know "Al" marjuana is dangerous. I can't believe u don't believe her stories.  marjuana is stupid because u get "slow" because brain cells DIE!!!! yeah, DIE
    On 08/11/06
    user from AL said:
    i dont know why u went to rehab for weed, weed is like the best thing for you (other than not doing it) its not addictive, its better than cigarettes/alcohol and doesnt cause brain damage, it only makes people a little bit slow, but the only bad thing is the people who smoke every single day.... HEAVILY, like 3g a day... those are the ones who are going to have problems
    31 thru 35 of 270 comments    ...  6  [ 7 ]  8   9   10  ...   

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